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The Dark Knight and Heath Ledger

Let me first say that I am not a movie critic. I have never made nor acted in a movie, therefore I am not qualified to be a movie critic and I will not try to critique this or any other movie. Also I should say up front that I’ve never been a big Heath Ledger fan.

Having said that, I just had the opportunity to watch The Dark Night last night. I typically don’t like super hero movies. I might have caught one or two of the Superman movies. I’ve never seen a Spiderman movie and I think I may have watched the Batman movie that had Jack Nicholson in it, but I can’t remember if I even watched the whole thing.

I wasn’t really into this movie either but I have to admit that all the hype that the media gave Heath Ledger for his performance in this movie was well deserved in my opinion. While there were some cool special effects and plenty of action, it was clearly Heath’s outstanding portrayal of the Joker that kept my interest throughout the movie. I found myself going to the kitchen for a drink or snacks when there would be a scene without him in it and when I’d hear his voice I found myself hurrying back to the TV to see what he was going to do next.

I wouldn’t have made it through a half an hour of this movie if it weren’t for Heath’s awesome depiction of the Joker. When the movie awards start coming out and he wins a plethra of them, I’ll know now that they were all very well deserved, and not just Hollywood handouts for a young man that died before his time.

Awesome job Heath.