The Obamas are “Movin’ On Up”

I see these stories in the news and just can’t get the song out of my head.

Mr Obama’s wife and their two daughters are staying at the Hay-Adams Hotel, which overlooks the White House. He is expected to join them later. Then, the Obamas will move to the official presidential guest home on January 15th. Then I guess on the 20th they can chill in the big house.

I didn’t vote for Obama. I’ve voted republican ever since I’ve been able to vote. While I’m happy to see that a person of color has made it to the white house, I think my first picks would have been either Colin Powell or Condi Rice. In fact, I would have voted for Condi over McCain. But here he is and I hope he does the best he can. I’m worried though. Very worried.

He hasn’t even taken office yet and he plans to stimulate the economy with a trillion dollars of printed, worthless money. Soon the dollar will be about as valuable as toilet paper. Didn’t the Japanese try this? Isn’t this part of the reason that we are in this mess to begin with? Pick up the phone and say “Hey, we’re out of money. Print some more. Oh yeah, and while we’re at it, let’s loan a bunch of it to people who will probably never be able to pay it back because it’s America and everyone should own a house”. It makes me sick.

What really scares me though are videos like this where idiots like Cynthia McKinney try to render aid to Israel’s enemies right smack in the middle of a war zone, get hammered by the Israeli Navy, and then produce garbage propaganda like this. Watch the video and you’ll see why we should all be in fear.

I think that the best that will come out of this presidency is that we’ll get 4 years of Obama Girl and

One Response to “The Obamas are “Movin’ On Up””

  1. Go ahead and say it, Ron: Obama’s the worst President evah!

    Might as well get it out of your system ahead of time. You’ll feel much better. Then when we all come to realize that you were right, you can introduce us to your new term for his reign: The Obamapocalypse.

    It will be like The Rapture, but instead of Christians escaping the Second Coming, it will be Neocons escaping The New Caliphate.

    Just trying to get the “I told you so”s out of the way ahead of time.


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