The season opener for camping

200236712-001Well, this past weekend was the season opener for camping season and I have to tell you that there’s nothing I enjoy more than standing outside on a frigid, rainy evening with an icy cold drink in my hand. I’m kidding of course. The weather was miserable. It was cold and windy. It rained about half the time but we all made the best of it. We got our campers set up and the basics laid out. When it rained hard we all went into our campers and cleaned and organized them. When it wasn’t raining, we huddled around a big campfire and drank like vikings. We all had fun and we all got a lot of stuff done.

I mounted a 17″ monitor on the wall of my camper to use as a PC and TV. They gave me an AT&T wireless air card from work since I’m on call one week a month, and a USB TV tuner will come in handy for rainy days and the morning news. Wall mounting a tv or monitor is a must in a camper for saving space since real estate in a small camper is at a premium. I’m pretty happy with it.

Next week I’ll take the golf cart, picnic tables and some firewood up. I’ll try to remember to bring my camera along so I can take some pictures to share. The weather is supposed to be nice so prolly not much else will get done other than beer drinking and bullshitting since the boating season doesn’t officially start until mid May.

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