Camp is set up. Time to party!

site2Well, the second trip is done and camp is pretty much all set up. There are a few things to do yet but, pretty much, I’m in and I’m happy. Granted, this isn’t a lot of people’s idea of camping, but it suits me just fine.

The campers in and level. The dog kennel is set up and Sky is happy. The golf cart is there to make campground travel and visiting much more pleasant, and the picnic tables are there and set up. Camping life is good. I have a great view from the camper and even a better view from the hammock.

hammockThe hammock is a wonderful invention. It comes in very handy when you wake up with the pain of a whiskey induced railroad spike being driven through your ear by Harry, like it was on Saturday Morning. Well, Harry busted out the Southern Comfort and Blueberry Schnapps at the campfire Friday night after we were already drinking. The severe hangover didn’t come of course until Saturday morning to be clear.

Then Saturday night, some of the gang did it all again. Mike S drank beer till he fell over. First time I’d ever seen that……twice. Someone tried to help him up but he opted to stay on the ground saying…”No no, I’m fine right here. If you help me up I’ll just fall down again.

It’s always rough at first. No one is used to that level of partying. It’s been a long lonely winter and now the gang is all here and the beer and booze is flowing like water. In a few weeks we’ll all step it back a notch. It’ll be time for boating, but we do have three weeks to kill.

bertFinally, Bert came over Sunday. He wanted to paint the stair supports and bannister that lead to the dock, and the picnic table. Bert is a Packers fan so he painted the stuff green and yellow. I’ve known Bert pretty much all of my adult life. I’ll post more about him later. He’s quite the character.

Anyway, life is good and if the liver holds up….boating will begin in mid May.

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