I am human and I am sad

litter0205_468x550I am sad because I am human. I am ashamed that I am human. I am angry at many, no….. most humans. I am riddled with guilt, humility and shame because I am human. It is sad to be part of such thoughtless arrogance and destruction. The same arrogance and destruction that humans have demonstrated since the beginning of the human race, but now it is my turn. It is my time.

I am not a cave man who wields rocks and clubs at my enemy clan members. I am not a viking or barbarian who raped and pillaged my way through life savagely taking what was once the property of others for my own. I am not a pilgrim or settler who came to conquer a new land and steal it from it’s peaceful occupants. I am not a powerful leader who orders the dropping of bombs and radio active fire among people who I have deemed to be my enemies and I am not a logger who annihilates thousands of acres of beautiful rain forest that took millions of years to create, but I am of the same skin, the same blood and the same genetic make up. I am human.

I first got involved with the internet in the early days when it was mostly text and simple graphics. Popular operating systems were windows 3.1 and OS2 v2. Mostly there were just educational websites, company websites and personal websites. Oh yeah, and there was porn. It was fun to surf the net back then. There were no worries. It was just good clean fun and if you wanted it, not so clean fun. Then came the human condition and someone had to start screwing it up. People thought it was cool to start hacking other peoples web sites. More people thought it would be cool to write viruses and infect other people’s computers and then even more people thought it would be cool to create web bots that roam the internet and spam discussion boards, blogs, guest books and websites with advertisements trojans and malware. Hence, the internet is now a mine field where it once was a beautiful meadow.

Humans did this because it is the human condition to parasite and destroy everything it comes across. To be human is to be a cancer and to suck the life out of anything and everything we leach on to. While some of us are aware of this, we still can not stop being human. I drive a car that is run by oil which we drill deep into the earth for, much like the mosquito sucks the blood from it’s host. I use that oil. I need and use products that are wrapped in plastic and styrofoam which ends up in landfills forever. I power my house with energy that is created by splitting atoms and burning coal, both of which create horrible effects to our planet. I am human. I am just another termite in the structure, another cancerous cell in the blood stream. Another drop of poison in the bottle.dolphin_7

As much as I try to be better than human the sad fact remains that I am a human born from a long line of humans and I am sad that I am part of it.

If a superior race of beings ever visit this earth I’m sure they would extinguish us just like humans extinguish what we consider pests, as well they should. I wonder if a rat is ashamed to be a rat, or if a carpenter bee is sorry that he helped destroy my siding.

I think if I had a wish for myself, I’d wish I were a dolphin in an ocean on a planet where there were no humans.

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