Sky swims with the geese

sky-geeseWe are still waiting for them to raise the dam up at camp. The water is too low for boating right now but that doesn’t stop Sky from pestering me to take him swimming. I took him for a ride in the golf cart up to the end if the island. There’s usually no one around there and we can just hang out and play without the distractions of kids and fisherman.

So I grab one of his water toys and send it out as far as I can and he of course happily swims out, retrieves it and waits impatiently for me to throw it again. After the second throw something strange happened. There were two geese about 75 yards away when we got there, but after the first two throws, they flew up and landed right in the water about 20 feet from where I was throwing his toy. I threw it again. He swam out and got it and brought it back. The geese just stayed right there and paddled against the current, neither advancing closer nor drifting farther away. They were just hanging out and watching this new sport and honking to each other as it went on. They were curious and obviously entertained at this marvel. We were there for about an hour. Me throwing the toy and Sky swimming out and bringing it back. It must have been like a sporting event to them. It was pretty cool for me too, to watch them cheer Sky on like that. They would bustle their wings and tails from time to time and honk a little louder.

When we were done I called sky over to me and got him back in the cart. As I pushed the pedal and began to leave, the geese took off and flew back down stream to the same place they were when we started. It was a strange event, but enjoyable for Sky, myself, and apparently the geese too.

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