Merry Christmas

Christmas for a single adult with no kids is pretty much a non-event. I woke up, got a shower and drove to my mother’s house around noon. My two brothers were already there. I exchanged gifts with my Mom and she had a slammin Christmas dinner in the works. There was roast pork and roast beef, mashed potatos and gravy, and broccoli with melted cheese. Nummy!

As we all get older and live our own lives it’s seems harder to make the time to spend with each other. We all have our own careers, houses to maintain, lawns to mow, and so forth. Now that I’m getting older I find that I enjoy the time I get to spend with my family a lot more. I should make more time to spend. They should make more time to spend too.  Problem is, everyone has different interests.  I’m into sailing and no one else is.  Dad is into car shows, but no one else is.  My brother is into gun and knife shows but no one else is……. and the list goes on.

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