Spring fever? Winter depression? What is this???

fuckitpenguinMotivation is at an all time low. I woke up this morning and watched as flurries of snow put a light dusting on everything outside. There’s a cold front coming in from the north so as the day goes on, the colder it gets. I don’t want to go outside. I hate the cold. My house needs cleaned in the worst way but I don’t feel like cleaning it. I’ll reluctantly put some laundry in later, just because I need some clean clothes for work next week. My desk is a wreck. The windows need washed and there’s a thick coating of dust on the piano. All the ash trays are full and every table and flat surface in the house has a bunch of shit stacked on it that needs thrown out or put away.

There’s nothing on tv but paid programming and I think that I’ve seen everything there is to see on the internet. There are prolly about 30 little projects around here that need done but I don’t feel like doing any of them. I think I need an optical rectumy. That’s where they snip that nerve that runs from your asshole to your eyeballs that gives you a shitty outlook.

Ok, screw it. Enough whining. I’m gonna grab a broom. I can pretty much guarantee though that it’s not going to be a white tornado in here. Prolly more like a mild drizzle but I have to start somewhere.

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