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Honesty in advertising

Anybody who has ever bought some little piece of new technology and got completely frustrated with trying to figure out how to use it will apppreciate this video. Anyone who’s ever fantasized about beating the ever loving snot out of the little cocksucking engineer that invented this piece of shit and then jamming it up his ass, will thoroughly enjoy this video. Anyone who has dreamed of having a loaded rifle atop a high tower after reading though menu after menu, and page after page of worthless documentation that helps absolutely no one, will appreciate this video. Personally, I’d like to see a little honesy in advertising.


Having said that…..Enjoy!

The older I get the more I hate democrats


Hate is a strong word. That’s why I used it. When I was younger I never really payed much attention to politics. I was blissfully ignorant of what was going on in Washington and even in my own state as far as politics go. Now that I’m getting older, I’m paying more attention to it, and it really torques my screws. Especially the proposals of the democratic party and what they believe in.

Tonight’s source of my anguish is the SCHIP tax. For those of you who don’t know, SHICP stands for State Children’s Health Insurance Program, and the tax I’m talking about is the tax increase that they are going to put on tobacco products to fund it.

Now, I agree that the health care program needs help and it needs funding. I do NOT believe that people that use tobacco products should carry the burden squarely on their shoulders to fund every one’s children’s health care. Alone. This is a fine example of the democratic party’s skewed view of a fair and free country and distributing wealth and responsibility.

I never had children. I never wanted children. Yet, I find myself supporting other people’s children through taxes that I pay. I pay their school taxes. I pay for a lot of children’s programs for people who irresponsibly have children that they can’t pay for. I understand the dilemma. How can you tax people who are already getting a free ride and free medical care from the government?

Here’s my alternative. If you can’t make the irresponsible parents cover the cost of their children’s health care, and you absolutely must put that burden on other Americans, who supposedly create higher health care costs by their lifestyle, pass the burden off this way.

Tax Popeye’s Chicken. Tax KFC. That’ll get a bunch of your government dollars back. Tax MacDonald’s and Tax Burger King. Tax the fat asses that are the statistics of the world’s largest obesity problem in the world. Surely you are aware of the health care costs that are the result of that. Yes, that would tax nearly all Americans, or…a large percent anyway (pun intended). Hell, you’d still get a bunch of my tax dollars. I luvs me a Big Mac now and again.

What you are about to do will drive the tobacco industry into the same situation that the auto industry is in, but for no fault of their own. It will be the democrat’s fault. People will not be able to afford those products anymore or they will boycott those products. Sales will go down and jobs will be lost. Shops and companies will close and more people will be out of work.

The tax that they plan to impose on people making less that $250,000 a year which during the campaign they said they wouldn’t do, will be along the lines as follows.

  • .62 cent per pack increase on already over taxed cigarettes
  • roughly 30% tax increase on cigars ( a $5 cigar will now cost $8)
  • and this is the grand daddy…

  • A 2300% increase on loose tobacco (yes, that’s two thousand three hundred percent). A 1$ tax on 16 ounces of loose tobacco that people buy to roll their own cigarettes will be raised to $24.
  • Incredible.

    There will be no tax increase on deep fried chicken, colt 45, Big Macs, or french fries.mcdonalds-fat1

    A picture paints a thousand words

    They say a picture paints a thousand words. This one could quite possibly paint a few thousand. One thing is for sure. Something is going to get painted. I like the photographer in the backgound there “getting the shot”.

    It definitely reminds us that we do indeed have a democrat in the whitehouse again, but at least Bill Clinton had the common decency to get his head in the oval office and not right out on the whitehouse lawn.

    I saw this photo and I thought “what a great opportunity for a photo caption contest”. Please feel free to join in by using the “add comment” link. Okay then, I’ll start with a few of my own.

    • President Barack Obama demonstrates that he’s all about stimulus.
    • Obama and a few of his closest secret service friends enjoy one of the many perks of the presidency

    Obama takes a mulligan and gets a rare presidential do-over

    Okay, so Chief Justice John Roberts flubbed while delivering the oath to Obama yesterday. And Obama flubbed back. Is there really any question as to whether or not he’s really our president? I don’t think so. You can read the whole story here. It bothers me though that he took a mulligan on his first day in office. He asked for a “do-over” and did it today.

    He’ll find out very soon that there are very few “do-overs” as president. For instance. When the CIA and secretary of defense tell you that an enemy country has weapons of mass destruction and you better act on it now or suffer the consequences, and you act on it only to find out they were wrong, you find out very quickly that there are no “do-overs”. There are no mulligans as president of the United States of America. There is no “on the job training”.

    Settle in Obama and do it right. We’re counting on you. We have no choice but to count on you now. The people have spoken and they want ice cream.

    Inaugural Poo

    Tomorrow is the big day for Obama’s $173 million dollar party. Nice to have a $173,000,000 party especially in these trying times I would guess, but that’s not what the focus of this post is about. This post is about poo.

    No one knows for sure how many people are really going to show up, but everyone thinks it will be between 1million and 2 million dedicated democrats.

    You have to be a dedicated democrat to attend a party where, if it’s only one million, you will have the square footage of a sheet of unfolded newspaper to stand on. If there are two million, you will have the space of the front page of a newspaper to stand on. I’m talking about being packed in like sardines folks.

    Now some more perspective. All those people are going to have to pee and poo. That is going to require porta potties. According to the people who rent them, you should have 1250 porta potties for every 100,000 people for a 10 hour event.

    So let’s do the math. For one million people, there will have to be 12,510 porta potties. For two million people, there should be 25,020 porta potties. After viewing countless media events involving Nancy Pelossi, Barney Frank, Ed Rendell and any Kennedy that’s ever served any office in my lifetime, I personally feel that most democrats are full of poo so those numbers should probably be expanded exponentially, but we’ll go with the hard numbers for now.

    Here’s a pleasant fact from wikipedia on porta potties.

    “A major disadvantage of portable toilets is that the odor that builds up within the enclosure can quickly reach an unbearable level, especially in tropical climates, where users’ behavior (as well as aiming capabilities) can quickly soil a newly disinfected unit. This is probably due to the fact that the ventilation units are too weak to oust foul-smelling air fast enough, and have a open air duct (without compromising privacy) to allow fresh air in. Consequently, use is akin to a self-imprisonment with one’s excrement – especially if one has a habit of taking a long time to defecate.”

    Granted, it’s not going to be a tropical climate tomorrow but it’s not going to be a stroll in a flower garden either, I assure you.

    I’m no expert, but I’d estimate that a porta pottie holds roughly 50 gallons of human waste. I’d venture to say that those units will be full and foul by the end of the day tomorrow, so what you will have is 625,500 gallons of democratic poo at the end of the day tomorrow, which is probably comparable to the amount of shit we’ve been fed throughout the campaign.

    Keep in mind, that’s assuming that only one million democrats show up. If two million show up, double it. That’s 1,251,000 gallons of poo for one democratic Obamapalooza. Where will they put all that poo? I’m hoping they keep it in DC.

    Me? I’ll be going to work like the rest of the hard working republican people who actually keep the economy going, and I’ll be upwind for sure.

    The Obamas are “Movin’ On Up”

    I see these stories in the news and just can’t get the song out of my head.

    Mr Obama’s wife and their two daughters are staying at the Hay-Adams Hotel, which overlooks the White House. He is expected to join them later. Then, the Obamas will move to the official presidential guest home on January 15th. Then I guess on the 20th they can chill in the big house.

    I didn’t vote for Obama. I’ve voted republican ever since I’ve been able to vote. While I’m happy to see that a person of color has made it to the white house, I think my first picks would have been either Colin Powell or Condi Rice. In fact, I would have voted for Condi over McCain. But here he is and I hope he does the best he can. I’m worried though. Very worried.

    He hasn’t even taken office yet and he plans to stimulate the economy with a trillion dollars of printed, worthless money. Soon the dollar will be about as valuable as toilet paper. Didn’t the Japanese try this? Isn’t this part of the reason that we are in this mess to begin with? Pick up the phone and say “Hey, we’re out of money. Print some more. Oh yeah, and while we’re at it, let’s loan a bunch of it to people who will probably never be able to pay it back because it’s America and everyone should own a house”. It makes me sick.

    What really scares me though are videos like this where idiots like Cynthia McKinney try to render aid to Israel’s enemies right smack in the middle of a war zone, get hammered by the Israeli Navy, and then produce garbage propaganda like this. Watch the video and you’ll see why we should all be in fear.

    I think that the best that will come out of this presidency is that we’ll get 4 years of Obama Girl and barelypolitical.com.

    Can we retire Dick Clark already????

    I mean….com’on. Let’s get real. Anyone who watches the new year’s count down has to agree. I do not find it motivational, honorable nor inspiring. I do find it horribly annoying, embarrassing and pathetic. The man no longer belongs in front of a camera much less a microphone. Sure, he owns the production company and produces some good stuff, and that’s where he should stay focused. An announcer should be able to enunciate. Plain and simple. You’ve givin us a lifetime of great rock and roll announcing Dick. We appreciate it. It’s over. Now Stop!

    What’s next Dick? National news brodcasts starring Mohammad Ali and Dick Clark? Maybe you could get a job doing tech support for an american internet company. No one can understand those people either.

    Your California buddies who are goading you into these appearances are wrong. No one looks good when they should be wearing a drool bucket when they speak. Stay behind the camera and keep up the good work. Move over and let the on camera performances to those more capable.