A billion dollars an hour

obama-signing-executive-ordersAmazing isn’t it. If you add up all of the money that Obama has spent in the 50 days that he’s been in office on stimulus, bailouts, spending bills, and other democratic policies that he recklessly signs as they cross his desk, you’ll find that he’s spending our tax dollars at one billion dollars an hour. These are my tax dollars and your tax dollars. No, that’s not right. These aren’t even dollars yet. These are your children’s and grand children’s tax dollars.

That’s impressive. That’s change. Sheeple wanted change. You got change. Everything but change in your pocket.

His policies have decimated my stock portfolio and your 401k plan. Your retirement nest egg is history folks. You are being led into an existence now where you will have to rely on the government to take care of you for everything, but the government is putting itself into trillions of dollars of debt at an alarming rate. So when the time comes that you need to be taken care of, it’ll be ching way, screw you, sorry we’re broke. It’s called socialism. The next step is communism. I find it ironic that the namesake of a democratic society can be the ones who propel us into socialism. Don’t you?

Everyone thought they bottomed out in November when the market crashed. But then Obama came along and with his lack of understanding of the free market, cut my already 50% losses in half again, just since his inauguration. But that has nothing to or little to do with the spending of a billion dollars an hour.

While Obama campaigned against earmark spending and says he’s against it, he just signed a bill with 9000 of them. My god. This is insane. Every democrat that voted for this asshole owes me and the rest of America an apology. I want it now… or no… Maybe I’ll wait, because it’s not over yet. No.. no, it’s just begun.

2 Responses to “A billion dollars an hour”

  1. The AIG bonus is less then 1% of the total bail out AIG got.

  2. All the stimulous money alocated equals more then all the U.S. paper and coin money since 1900.
    Good O’ Joe Biden…”Quote. ” To keep from going broke we need to spend more money.” End quote.
    Yea that might work if the ‘money’ came for a for profit company and a bit of the money was plowed back into the business. But government is a zero profit operation and is not designed to make money but is really designed to steal funds from one to give to another.
    Every stinking dollar the government had came from and was stolen through taxes from business activity.
    Best way to gey back on track is to reduce spending, reduce taxes, and get government the hell out of the way of business. We don’t need ‘no minimum wage’. People are so stupid. skip.

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