My new old boat

front It’s a labor of love. No, it’s an addiction. Perhaps it’s a compulsion. I dunno. What I do know is that I used to do a lot worse things with my time and money.

This is a 1967 Alacrity 19 twin keeler sailboat that I just bought. I like strange things, rare things, odd things and things you don’t see everyday. I look at this old tub and I see a beautiful boat a year from now. I look at all the hacking and customizing that has been done to her over the past 42 years and I don’t feel bad about making my own modifications. If she were in all original condition it would be sidedifferent, but this one has already been modified to a certain degree. I’m not going to feel bad about glassing over old holes and cutting in new windows, or installing custom woodwork and the like. I look at this like a blank canvas where I can make my own painting.

I’ve already started the painstaking process of sanding and filling cracks. It will take many hours to complete for sure. This is what she looks like now but perhaps someday, she’ll look as good as the one that this fellow restored named At Last.

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