Why are we saving the planet?

mushroom-cloud-hbI hate to be the one to break it to you but folks, there is going to be an apocalypse. Whether it’s created by God or a human nuclear war, it’s going to happen. It may not happen in our lifetime but it will certainly happen. All life as we know it will cease to exist and the planet will be uninhabitable by modern life forms. So why are we trying so hard to save the planet? Why are we shitting in water saving toilets or even worse, compost toilets? Why are we separating our plastics from our papers? Why are we not burning as much coal as possible to drive our insatiable appetite for energy driven products? Why are we villainized for driving a vehicle that gets less than 25 mpg? I just don’t get it.

The dinosaurs had a beautiful planet going on and then God’s kid brother bumped the chess board, all the pieces fell over and BAM! It was all over. Nuclear winter and planetary extinction. What did God do? He lined up the chess men and started the game over. Two more tiny amoeba and we start a new ant farm. Perhaps it will be of our own doing this time with the Hadron Collider. Listen carefully to this video. Lord help us all.

I’m burning my plastic. I use spray deodorant and I drive a gas hog. I don’t care if there is a clean battlefield when Iran decides to launch the first nuke that’s answered by 1000 more from us, Russia, North Korea and China, blowing life as we know it out of the universe. I don’t see the point.

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