The power of love

Debbie came all the way from south Florida to visit me this weekend. What strength and courage that must have taken. She is as brave as she is beautiful and I am a lucky man to know her and to be in her heart.

Thirty three years had passed since we last saw each other in person. Thirty three years since we had even spoken until January of this year, 2011. We had both taken radically different paths through life’s journey that led us to the same spiritual and emotional place all these years later. It is such a crazy story that it is almost unbelievable.

We re-connected through Facebook and then immediately began texting and instant messaging online. It wasn’t long until we fired up the web cams and since then we’ve been face to face enjoying each other’s company for hours on end every single night, but a thousand miles away from each other. There was much to teach and learn about each other’s past and life’s experiences. There still is much for us to learn.

We were in love with each other when we were sixteen years old, but what do sixteen year olds really know about love? At 49 years old now, I have a new deep respect for the answer to that question.

I thought I had been in love before. I even got married in my early twenties. That didn’t work out. I had several long term relationships throughout my life. I thought they were love too. Each and every time I had my heart handed back to me, quartered and diced, and a few ounces shy of when I gave it away. I built walls after a while. I didn’t let anyone in. For the last decade I’ve lived alone, keeping any relationships at arms length. I had some soul searching to do and I did it. I know who I am now. Wisdom has taught me many lessons and I know what is important and what is not. I know what is shallow and what is deep. I’ve spent a lot of time here alone. I learned to like being alone and I never felt lonely. And then Debbie came back to me after all these years and everything changed in a flash.

Debbie arrived Friday morning and it was although time had stood still for all those years. The chemistry is amazing. The romance is strong. The passion is deep. The love that we felt for each other way back then never died and it wasn’t just laying dormant somewhere. It was growing, unseen and undetected. It seems to have grown exponentially over the years as if someone or some thing much greater than ourselves was nurturing and feeding it as if it were some kind of prized botanical treasure.

I have just spent three of the best days of my life with her. Every embrace felt like we were sculpted by the world’s greatest artist to fit perfectly with each other. We are like two pieces of a valuable rare puzzle that can’t and shouldn’t fit with anything or anyone anywhere else in the universe except for with each other. There is not a doubt in my mind that she was meant for me and that I was meant for her.

I have never felt this depth of love, this level of trust or this magnitude of caring before. I just spent three days of total, undiminished, unabridged happiness with her and never in my life have I felt so complete. The piece of me that was missing all of these years is no longer missing. She makes me feel whole.

Our visit is over. I drove her out to drop her off at her mother’s house in Pittsburgh today where she’ll spend the rest of her vacation. Every mile I drove home I felt just a little less complete and a lot more empty. I’ve lived alone for a very long time but I’ve never felt as alone as I do at this very moment. But while my house is empty and my soul is lonely, my heart is full of love for her and hers is full with me. I’ll drive out to see her next week before she goes back to Florida and we’ll embrace each other again with the strength and passion that it will take until we see each other again this summer.

We are one.

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  1. Very sweet! You are a beautiful writer…a special gift …just like deb.

  2. My Dear sweeeeeeeeet Ron. I am so happy for you. If anyone deserves to be happy it is you. Everything happens for a reason and she is your reason now. Live, laugh and most of all love it all. We are not getting any younger. I have also found that love thats been there all these years. I have been seeing Brian Lesh and he also fits me. We have know each other since teenagers and took different paths also. And then hooked up threw facebook. Now we are together every day. I asked the universe to send me someone and it sent the one and only missing piece of me. I am so glad you have found what you have been looking for to. If I could I would give you such a big hug right now. Feel it anyway. Keep us up to date with your old, and new Love.

    Love you much

  3. The universe always balances itself out. I think it brought you together to settle its debt to you. Maybe even both of you. Very happy to hear how it went. And looking forward to updates and events in the future. Take it slow, though. You’ve got plenty of time. Sounds like you both have the same goals and ideas, so it isn’t a race.

    Cheers to the future, especially one with Debbie involved.


  4. Thought of you and Debbie tonight as I drove home and kept thinking of this famous quote. “If you love something set it free. If it comes back to you it was yours. If not it was never meant to be.” Debbie and Ron were definetly meant to be.

  5. Welcome to my world…glad to have you!! 🙂 Can’t wait to meet her! Rob and I weren’t that close in high school but knew each other and it took us 15 years to get reconnected. Gotta love fate! Hugs to you and Debbie!

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