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Small town living and great customer service

I live in a small rural town, Thompsontown, PA. It’s nice to go to the local diner and everyone knows your name. It’s nice to know everyone at the local grocery and hardware store. Everyone in the town is almost like an extended family. There is little or no crime rate. People are nice.

One of the best parts about living in a small rural town is the customer service you get. If you are struggling for any reason, like perhaps you sprained an ankle. At the grocery store, the bagger will follow you to your car while carrying your purchases and load your groceries for you without even asking.

There’s a car dealer in town that services pretty much the entire county. Regester Chevrolet. They know me by name there. They know me from the diner and other shops around town and I bought my truck there. I dropped it off the other day for state inspection, tire rotation and a lube oil and filter. They politely gave me a loaner car to use for the day without question. I went and did some Christmas shopping and returned later that afternoon. The bill was only $44.74. Everyone was polite. The owner of the dealership happened to be in the garage when I picked up my truck and he personally thanked me for my business and asked me if I was happy with the service.

I honestly couldn’t be more pleased.