Can we retire Dick Clark already????

I mean….com’on. Let’s get real. Anyone who watches the new year’s count down has to agree. I do not find it motivational, honorable nor inspiring. I do find it horribly annoying, embarrassing and pathetic. The man no longer belongs in front of a camera much less a microphone. Sure, he owns the production company and produces some good stuff, and that’s where he should stay focused. An announcer should be able to enunciate. Plain and simple. You’ve givin us a lifetime of great rock and roll announcing Dick. We appreciate it. It’s over. Now Stop!

What’s next Dick? National news brodcasts starring Mohammad Ali and Dick Clark? Maybe you could get a job doing tech support for an american internet company. No one can understand those people either.

Your California buddies who are goading you into these appearances are wrong. No one looks good when they should be wearing a drool bucket when they speak. Stay behind the camera and keep up the good work. Move over and let the on camera performances to those more capable.

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